I woke up this morning and decided to go into the kitchen and check the cabinets to see if there was any new food while I was asleep that my dad might of purchased; there wasn't of course.

That's not what this post is about though. To my tired eyes, I saw a ROACH run across the middle part of the cabinet. I wanted to vomit at the very thought of even seeing such a disgusting creature around my home much less in the one place that we've tried to avoid getting them.

This crap needs to STOP. I've said millions of times already that we need to get some ultrasonic plugins for the house (they vibrate those things away) and we never got them when we had the money to get them. They're only $10 at Walmart for crying out loud.

Now, my appetite is dead. I don't even want to imagine eating anything now that I just saw that. I guess we're just destined to have them things follow us every place we go.

If I ever live in Europe though; I won't have them there because if I do; I'm moving somewhere else or I'll bomb the place with some kind of bug killing stuff that they got out there.

I feared this, and it happened. See what happens when you don't take important advice?


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