Using SSH on Ubuntu based computers

Sometimes a business or school needs to be able to network seamlessly but with Windows; that means costly licenses and complicated setup just to get every computer to function in the way that is intended.

Ubuntu is a free Linux operating system which is highly recognized by millions of businesses, schools, government agencies, and fortune 500 companies.

It's also the most popular form of Linux for home users too and has given a common household name in Europe for it's robust security, elegant style, and fast speeds. People all over the world enjoy Ubuntu for everything. Even web design and professional photography.

Maybe your using Ubuntu now and you need a little help on getting started (this tutorial only applies to Ubuntu 10.10 and below - 11.04 isn't yet known provide this possibility in the same way)

1. Start by opening the Server program from the applications menu on Ubuntu; it should read "Connect to Server..."

2. Enter the IP address of the computer you want to connect to as well as the username and password of the user account that you want to access.

3. Be sure that in the Port box, you type in 22. This is the port you will need to connect to the computer and work with your files or simply access them.

4. Know the name of the computer your trying to connect to. For example "Brian-PC" or "Home-PC" would be an example of a computer name that you need to input with the prior information in order to connect to the Server.

Note: You may need internet connectivity to successfully complete this process.

You can alternatively install and run Samba to run a few command prompts for full Windows-like functionality within file transfers; sharing; and server hosting.


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