"Up From Below" album review

Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

One of my favorite songs from their album "Up From Below" and it's absolutely cute. I'd classify their sound to remind me a little bit of older 70s sound; much like early demos of Janis Joplin and some mix of Coldplay on "Desert Song" and slightly on "Om Nashi Me" which is the last track on the album (so far the only moments I've noticed where they sound a little modernized but still sticking with their original and true sound)

"40 Day Dream" is reminiscent of some early 70s ballads I remember listening to a few years back. Overall, this album is by far eclectic and absolutely a work of art. I'm enjoying it so far and I'd highly recommend anyone who has iTunes to go grab yourself a copy. It really embodies the sounds of our last generation before today's extreme lyrics and extra complicated auto tune inventions. "Black Water" is very much like "40 Day Dream" but sits a softer side and reminds me of a Pink Floyd combined with Elvis Presley type of aura. Maybe a little bit of Johnny Cash in there perhaps.

So far, this music inspires my boho look a little bit and helps me to enjoy both an older country melody combined with a touch of the boho empowerment that was found back in the flower power generation. It's clear that this band is truly living in that era and they really captured the sound that was so big way back in those days.

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Alexander (with whom is prominently known on the album has a new solo debut album released on iTunes as well self-titled "Alexander")


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