Sunburned and hating it

My shoulders hurt and have little bitty water blisters. Got burnt pretty bad.

I've never had this before but my nose is burnt so bad that my skin is peeling off DURING the sunburn versus after it. Hopefully I won't end up getting something like sun cancer.

Memorial weekend was fun at the beach but leaving the beach; I knew I was going to pay for it. I'm not too fond of it but I suppose it is common sense to know that if you play in the ocean water for too long; the sun will kiss your skin and then you go home feeling like you hung out in an oven all day.

Not really my favorite experience but it could of been worse. Either way, a little tip for everyone; if you want a tan. Get a spray tan instead. it's healthier considering and it won't hurt afterwards.

These days you can look natural with it too; so I say...go for it!

Ciao ciao.


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