Strange dream

I'm not sure what it means or where it comes from because one of the girls mentioned I didn't know and the other seemed like she was a ghost more than an actual person.

We were in a school, maybe even a college somewhere and some guy who didn't get a long with me because I'm gay started to try and fight me but I didn't want to fight; I kept saying to him, "all I want for you to do is to get back in the line with everyone else"

He wouldn't listen and kept trying to fight me; I was holding a pillow or something as a shield against his blows. While everyone else was staring in awe of the fact that he completely lost his mind.

Later on, I was inside of a rich and beautiful home with my friend Ashlee (whom I grew up with) and a girl I have never met named Isalena (I don't know this name nor do I recognize it)

She walked in on me grabbing some change for my lunch as Ashlee was in the bathroom reading a magazine. It was like a traditional bathroom except it had more snazzy decorating than I had previously seen.

Isalena mentioned her name and only I could see her. She went inside of the bathroom closet (which had clothing in it and a couple boxes) and said as the lights dimmed (almost cutting off while the man that went crazy was screaming frantically) "This is where Isalena hid, she was a smoker" and then she disappeared. Ashlee was dormant through the entire moment and finally came back to life after Isalena left.

I hid in the closet to keep away from the crazy guy and he almost found me. Little did me and Ashlee know, there was a secret safe room beyond those walls in another part of this place.

It was in the closet where we discovered a door that lead us to a safe house. We went to the safe house and finally felt safe.

The safe house had a special door which opened to the outside world but it was also hidden from people outside; so the crazy guy couldn't see where we were. It was magnificent.

After that point however, I woke up.

The point of this post is the fact that I had a very strange dream. A girl I didn't know, A girl I do know, and some crazy guy that hated me.

Sounds like a plot to a Lifetime movie doesn't it?

Either way, I'm not sure what to consider this dream but it's weird nonetheless and I definitely can't figure it out.

All I remember about the girl I met in this dream is she had black curly (long) hair, a red turtleneck on, and black pants (she looked like a professional or a girl who you would see at a opera concert) and I never got her last name. She looked Hispanic or of decent within that area.

Me and Ashlee were young still but grown enough to have our own children.


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