Seems like everyone is dying of cancer

I can't help but wonder about it lately, it seems cancer is becoming even more prominent in my life both in my family and my friendships.

Not only did I find out that my grandpa (on my mom's side) got colon cancer recently but my friend Michael just lost his boyfriend to cancer this morning.

I feel horrible for him because I know how it feels to lose someone you love and for him, it's worse because he lost someone that he saw a future with. It's like how I felt when I lost my failed relationships in the past; it's like a piece of you goes on that you can't get back sometimes. I really hope and pray that things improve for him because I love my friends and I want the best for all of them.

Michael, stay strong bud. It's not easy but you've got a friend in me and I will be there in any way that I can be.

God, please help all of those out there with battling cancer and those who have lost loved ones to cancer.

I'll keep praying as much as I can because to believe is to never give up hope.


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