R.I.P Lorrie Ann Ozmun Whaley

Not long ago, my mother of many years (Married to my dad for quite some time) passed away. We don't know for sure what it was that killed her but we know she was a thoughtful, caring, and compassionate woman with a whole lot of heart for her family.

Today, I got in the mail two wonderful photos (one of which I forgot even existed and another one of my sister with her boyfriend Chris) I also got a very memorable DVD with photos from my mothers years in her life. I watched the DVD and couldn't help but cry for a vast majority of the time because I do miss her. I'm thankful that I was able to grow up with her and to make fond memories that I can hold onto.

Below are the two photos I got and a video (hosted on YouTube) of the DVD. I wanted to post this because I wanted to share something with people that I never did before. The fact that I have family in other places. Family that for a long time, I didn't have contact with until recently.

Take a look at the beautiful video and photos. It really brings warmth to my heart to see how much love is within our family and how much joy I remember having when Lorrie (my mother) was alive. She may not have been my biological mother but to me; she felt like she was and still I look at her as if she is my biological mother. I love her dearly and may she rest in peace with Jesus.

As of today, I haven't ever known just how bad her health was, but it's believed she died because of her diabetes. Her sugar level was in the thousands when she passed away. We can rest assure that she's not suffering anymore with her health problems like she did while on this Earth.

The important thing to do is to remember her for all the beautiful memories we shared and created and for all the times that she smiled with us.


Video created by Jamie Ozmun; Lorrie's Daughter and my Sister.


Me at a tender young age around Christmas time.

Jamie and Chris.


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