Private matters are meant to be private; right?

So I've been thinking lately about how some of my friends have been with their personal private matters.

I've had friends whom have given fair detail on things that they claim are private to them but yet they are posting statuses on Facebook that they "just had sex" and things of that nature.

I'm not saying your fake but the proof is in the terms. I don't believe the world wants to know that you just had sex and nor do they care. I know I don't.

Call me old fashioned but I just don't think you should post sensitive and private things like that.

I may not address myself as a classy person all the time and certainly not through my demeanor at times but I am. I think that sexual matters and relationship matters (unless you just got married and that only applies to relationships) shouldn't be used as a means to advertise yourself.

It's the reason that as I've gotten older; I don't talk about whom I date or sleep with or any of that because I don't see a reason for it. I've always felt like I was supposed to be in the 80s; not the 90s. Though the 80s isn't an example to use for this subject.

I believe class is a characteristic that every person either has or doesn't have. Some of us know when it's most prone to show and when it's not.

So I guess the question boils down to; are you going to be a classy person for once or spread your advertisements of promiscuity and pathetic talk?

Ciao ciao


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