No internet and very little 3G

So last night at my dad came in from work; our phone and internet was working well as usual when all of the sudden it cuts off after my dad tried to open his browser.

It's not just his computer though, it's also mine that can't get the connection which means either the box is messed up or they cut off our internet at random for some reason.

As of right now, I only have 3G and it's not much unfortunately but at least it's enough to post this post, send an e-mail, and post a status update on Facebook.

So I suppose it will do until it very rapidly disappears. Regardless, I was really looking forward to tonight because it would mean a certain wonderful friend would call me and I could have someone to relate to other than some imaginary people in my brain and my family.

Since we're basically in the stone ages today (with the exception of television), I am going to attempt to clean the house with what little bit of energy I have in me.

Here's to a clean house and our internet coming back on!

Ciao ciao


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