A little rant

I hate going onto a blog and seeing a face that reminds me of my past; whether it be a relationship that didn't work or a venture I never was successful at. I always stumble when I see a photograph.

Recently I came across a post of some guy who resembled a beautiful rich kid (from my mindset it's what I pictured) and he looked like a typical Armani wearing blonde with pouty lips and a soulful look in his eyes. I instantly felt jealous. Maybe it's because secretly, I would love to be like that person I see. Always effortlessly gorgeous in whatever I wear, always looking like I'm some snazzy king with tons of friends and a high class boyfriend.

It's in my nature to want the finer life because I'm a Leo and almost every Leo I've met (excluding celebrities) always love the finer things in life. A friend of mine only likes to buy designer fragrances but still has a down-to-earth side and doesn't mind wearing a shirt from Walmart or Sears.

For me, I love to look wealthy but I don't think I would want to be wealthy. I wouldn't want to change myself to fit a social ideal or to spread the common ground that I am essentially the blame for some of the economic issues. No, rich people are not to blame for our economic crisis. Goldman Sachs is and so is Wall Street.

Love me or hate me for it but it's what I believe. Look up the facts and you will know about the truth behind our problems too. Thank God for Google.

I've taken the initiative to keep many secrets (including my future love life; I won't ever explain myself to people on whom I'm dating or what I'm committed to because a love life isn't meant to be flaunted; it's meant for YOUR EYES ONLY)

Besides, I may not act like it but I do have a lot of class deep down. My morals are high but they aren't ridiculous at least.

Regardless, The photo made me even more jealous because the guy (whom was being talked about in the post) had something I don't. Someone who crushed upon them. Someone who WANTED them.

I've longed to have felt that and when I did, it's a shortcoming because it doesn't last. Though reality sets in and tells me that it won't ever be.

It's depressing and it's a harsh loss but I'm defensive, I'm bitter, and I'm cold. Love is just a battle and well, I've learn to surrender in that battle. The problem is, I never won at the end, I kept losing and losing until finally, I gave up.

So to those out there that believe love is the key; I challenge you to prove it not only to people like me who can't seem to find it, but prove it to YOURSELF.

I need the logic behind it, otherwise the proof isn't valuable. Good luck.

Ciao ciao.


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