The joy of family

So we came down to High Point, NC on Friday and since we've been having a lot of fun with the kids and spending time with my sister from another mother whom I haven't seen since we were all very very young. I had forgotten all the fantastic memories we had together.

All the times of us going up the road (which is now a gigantic river dam) and visiting the florist shop; just thinking to ourselves how beautiful the flowers were and always trying to get money to go buy some together.

Little Jamie is looking beautiful and she's with a very nice military guy. I know; you're thinking that I have something bad to say because he's military but in all honesty; I really like this guy and I'm glad that my sister is with him. He's polite and easy to get along with; not a common thing you find in Jacksonville but it was refreshing and I'm very happy for her.

She's still as sweet as ever and we talked for hours about all of our childhood memories. Remembering days when we would visit one of the Christian music stores and she would gather music to sing at church. She has such a beautiful voice :)

We reminisced on days by the creek; playing with the crawl dad's and falling on our bums trying to hope from one rock to the other during hot summer days. So many memories here that I lost and thankfully; she brought a lot of them back. I feel even more connected to this place again. It feels like home again.

I had forgotten how much I had here too, I left a place that I grew, a place that made me the person I am. Jacksonville does have it's perks but there is always and always will be nothing like home. Except for maybe Europe; but only if I have a certain someone by my side to guide me and pressure a few giggles along the way :)

The baby is so so cute. Always smiling, looking around as if in search of what place he is in and at times, the most adorable and pleasing laugh you could ever hope to hear.

Kyzer is such a mess but a cute mess at that. Talking in baby language at times and telling us what things are. Every time he see's a truck he says "big truck" and for trains, "big choo choo"

He's a smart kid too and a little helper as well. I helped clean my sisters place with her the other night (got a lot done in no time!) and he kept helping me out; handing me the dust pan...moving the chair out of the way

and he has one adorable smile and laugh. It's truly angelic to see him smile and laugh sometimes. I forget how precious kids really are. I'm so glad to have my little nephews and I can see how happy they've made my family.

We all love them both and they are by far the cutest little kids I could have hoped for!

Meanwhile, my dad is laying in bed...sound asleep...snoring like a freight train and well, I'm awake writing this post as a result.

I got a little bit of sleep but it's been a steady "up and go" kind of vacation; I like it though. I almost lost touch with socialism and this whole weekend; I kinda got it back and I'm glad that I came down here.

Well, time for me to tend to text messages, Facebook comments, and the occasional stare at the TV which is playing "Cars" right now.

Hope all is well in everyone's lives and I can't wait to start making new memories again!

Perhaps Europe can stir me a little tea and place a few crumpets out for me? *HINT HINT*


Ciao ciao.


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