Finding forgiveness from a hamburger

I was reading an article on Joyce Meyer's website that explained how a hamburger taught her to always forgive. It might sound silly and a bit out there that you can learn something from a small incident with a hamburger but it is truly possible and it's these small moments that we overlook most that can teach us so much that we don't know.

To quote her; "You can't have real love unless you’re willing to forgive. Love keeps giving the other person another chance. Love keeps trusting them over and over again, expecting them to do the right thing the next time. I realize there are big hurts and also little things we deal with daily. Sometimes we may not even know what is agitating us, but we need to decide to let go of its irritating hold on us. "

I love that quote because it's not just true to my heart but it helps me to see clearer what I hadn't seen before on the basis of love and forgiveness too. I think that sometimes we forget that God was about forgiveness, love, peace, and hope and that he exists for those reasons. I'm glad to see something that is relative to our daily lives share a lesson that we neglect to accept sometimes.

When we forgive someone, it's for the better of not just ourselves but for the other person. We aren't meant to hurt peoples feelings nor does God want that in any of us. We were meant to love unconditionally and to bring hope to those around us who have lost hope. It is our God given right to be happy and God wants that for all of us.

As U2 (one of my favorite bands) has quoted in their song "The City of Blinding Lights"; "blessings are not just for the ones who kneel, luckily", I firmly believe that God isn't just looking out for us who believe in him but he is looking out for everyone. Blessings really aren't just for the ones who kneel but for the ones who haven't given their problems to him.

Now I'm not going to badger you if you don't believe God exists although I don't agree; I will let you make the decision on that because it's not my place to do it for you. Only you can decide what you want out of life.

In my personal belief, I believe that encouragement is good but prayer is even better. I'm not here to 'convert' or to 'force' you into anything because I wouldn't want that being done upon myself and I know God wouldn't want that either. I'm here to be helpful and to bring hope to those that can't find it. No matter how much it might scare us; we are accountable for ourselves and I know that if I can help shine light on that subject by providing people with hope in whatever way that I can; I may very well have helped them to make a positive decision in their path.

Always remember this; positiveness is key and God loves us all.


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