Boho style and my new found eclection

So last night as I watched a little biography on the life of Janis Joplin, I realized how in common I am with her and how my style reflects what she wore in her era. I love the flower power generation for it's clothing and eclectic musical styles. the Bohemian look has always been one I've been attracted to. I love the whole simple but extreme context with clothing and the earth appreciative jewelry and hair pieces.

I've been searching on eBay for "hippie" clothing and jewelry because my style is yet again changing just a little slightly. I want to wear what Janis wore. I want to be like she was (minus the drugs and ecentric cussing) and I want to move to places that not only accept me but will KNOW me. I want that Madonna feel and Joplin appeal.

Much like her, I was always the wild child, the one that was very out there and really didn't give a crap about what everyone wanted of me because it was about what I wanted in my life. As I've gotten older; things have changed and progressed so it's harder to embrace that gift I have when so many others out there are struggling to make it. In the 60s, 70s, and 80s, adapting to your musical persona and bringing yourself into that place was much easier than it is today.

Today, people are using social media to grab attention but I don't want to do that. I want to do it like Jimmi did, like Bowie, and the greats did. I want to go to bars and play with a band and scream out lyrics that drive people to want to know more.

So as my musical style hasn't necessarily evolved where I want it to be yet. My fashion sense will get there. I want to look like a million dollars but feel like I'm still Branden.

Ciao ciao


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