Am I really getting crap about groceries?

It's no secret that our economy is lacking funds and savings for those of us who can't afford much.

All I was asking was to go and check on the deals at the store so I can find out if we can afford to get some meat or something that can actually last vs. petty sandwich food and pop tarts.

Look, I am 21 years old and I do get hungry. I'm not asking to spend $100 per visit or anything and I know we are tight on money but when you go shopping for groceries, you should think of what will last; not stuff that is considered more of a snack and won't fill the tummy.

For example (on terms of laundry soap), you didn't have to buy 6 small bottles of soap from the dollar store and spend $6 altogether; you would have been much better off on getting one bottle or one big bottle (costing $2.50) and stop at that.

So if you want to complain about ME and your stupid money; then so be it but I'm just trying to lookout for our last week or so before we go back home to visit.

I can't believe it, I'm right back to bitching with my dad over groceries and money; two things I care less about.

and some people out there wonder why money isn't important to me; it's because it TEARS PEOPLE APART and it really starts to destroy the relation of kindness between the two.

I hate that money even exists and I know that it will be my mission someday to feed the hungry because I grew up in their shoes. I don't want to bring children into a world where money is important. I want to show them that CHARACTER is more important that how much you have or what you are going to spend.

A big reason why I want to start couponing is because it can SAVE us money and in return help us get food and things we need without eating us alive in bills.


When we get the money; no one wants to buy the printer ink that we need to print out these coupons that could potentially save our behinds every month. Instead of shopping for the moment; we need to shop in bulk. It's less money in the end.

BUT I guess I'm stupid and can't figure it out huh?

So as far as I'm concerned, I'll just let YOU figure it out and let YOU get stupid with the money because YOU don't know how to freaking budget or keep eye on deals.



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