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Rare track from Shiny Toy Guns

It's never been released and by far one of my favorites so far. I love Carah Faye's voice in this one and it really resonates with the sound that they had from the beginning.
Sad news recently however came about when a tweet from there Twitter page displayed that they were robbed of there main recording MacBook which was being used in the production of their new album to be released "III". Keep them in your prayers everyone!

"Up From Below" album review

Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

One of my favorite songs from their album "Up From Below" and it's absolutely cute. I'd classify their sound to remind me a little bit of older 70s sound; much like early demos of Janis Joplin and some mix of Coldplay on "Desert Song" and slightly on "Om Nashi Me" which is the last track on the album (so far the only moments I've noticed where they sound a little modernized but still sticking with their original and true sound)

"40 Day Dream" is reminiscent of some early 70s ballads I remember listening to a few years back. Overall, this album is by far eclectic and absolutely a work of art. I'm enjoying it so far and I'd highly recommend anyone who has iTunes to go grab yourself a copy. It really embodies the sounds of our last generation before today's extreme lyrics and extra complicated auto tune inventions. "Black Water" is very much like "40 Day Dream&quo…
The site toolbar is now up and running again. Apparently it wasn't showing up due to some issues between Wibiya and Google's widget platform.

Toolbar failing to load

Recently after updating my site toolbar; it has decided not to load up. I am going to work hard to make sure it is up and running again so please bare with me until this issue is resolved.

The toolbar is hosted through whom recently has been aquired by Conduit (a company that also creates toolbars but installs the into your browser)

I'll post an update when everything has been resolved.

Private matters are meant to be private; right?

So I've been thinking lately about how some of my friends have been with their personal private matters.

I've had friends whom have given fair detail on things that they claim are private to them but yet they are posting statuses on Facebook that they "just had sex" and things of that nature.

I'm not saying your fake but the proof is in the terms. I don't believe the world wants to know that you just had sex and nor do they care. I know I don't.

Call me old fashioned but I just don't think you should post sensitive and private things like that.

I may not address myself as a classy person all the time and certainly not through my demeanor at times but I am. I think that sexual matters and relationship matters (unless you just got married and that only applies to relationships) shouldn't be used as a means to advertise yourself.

It's the reason that as I've gotten older; I don't talk about whom I date or sleep with or any of that because I…


I woke up this morning and decided to go into the kitchen and check the cabinets to see if there was any new food while I was asleep that my dad might of purchased; there wasn't of course.

That's not what this post is about though. To my tired eyes, I saw a ROACH run across the middle part of the cabinet. I wanted to vomit at the very thought of even seeing such a disgusting creature around my home much less in the one place that we've tried to avoid getting them.

This crap needs to STOP. I've said millions of times already that we need to get some ultrasonic plugins for the house (they vibrate those things away) and we never got them when we had the money to get them. They're only $10 at Walmart for crying out loud.

Now, my appetite is dead. I don't even want to imagine eating anything now that I just saw that. I guess we're just destined to have them things follow us every place we go.

If I ever live in Europe though; I won't have them there because…

R.I.P Lorrie Ann Ozmun Whaley

Not long ago, my mother of many years (Married to my dad for quite some time) passed away. We don't know for sure what it was that killed her but we know she was a thoughtful, caring, and compassionate woman with a whole lot of heart for her family.

Today, I got in the mail two wonderful photos (one of which I forgot even existed and another one of my sister with her boyfriend Chris) I also got a very memorable DVD with photos from my mothers years in her life. I watched the DVD and couldn't help but cry for a vast majority of the time because I do miss her. I'm thankful that I was able to grow up with her and to make fond memories that I can hold onto.

Below are the two photos I got and a video (hosted on YouTube) of the DVD. I wanted to post this because I wanted to share something with people that I never did before. The fact that I have family in other places. Family that for a long time, I didn't have contact with until recently.

Take a look at the beautiful vid…

Boho style and my new found eclection

So last night as I watched a little biography on the life of Janis Joplin, I realized how in common I am with her and how my style reflects what she wore in her era. I love the flower power generation for it's clothing and eclectic musical styles. the Bohemian look has always been one I've been attracted to. I love the whole simple but extreme context with clothing and the earth appreciative jewelry and hair pieces.

I've been searching on eBay for "hippie" clothing and jewelry because my style is yet again changing just a little slightly. I want to wear what Janis wore. I want to be like she was (minus the drugs and ecentric cussing) and I want to move to places that not only accept me but will KNOW me. I want that Madonna feel and Joplin appeal.

Much like her, I was always the wild child, the one that was very out there and really didn't give a crap about what everyone wanted of me because it was about what I wanted in my life. As I've gotten older; thing…

The joy of family

So we came down to High Point, NC on Friday and since we've been having a lot of fun with the kids and spending time with my sister from another mother whom I haven't seen since we were all very very young. I had forgotten all the fantastic memories we had together.

All the times of us going up the road (which is now a gigantic river dam) and visiting the florist shop; just thinking to ourselves how beautiful the flowers were and always trying to get money to go buy some together.

Little Jamie is looking beautiful and she's with a very nice military guy. I know; you're thinking that I have something bad to say because he's military but in all honesty; I really like this guy and I'm glad that my sister is with him. He's polite and easy to get along with; not a common thing you find in Jacksonville but it was refreshing and I'm very happy for her.

She's still as sweet as ever and we talked for hours about all of our childhood memories. Remembering days…

Using SSH on Ubuntu based computers

Sometimes a business or school needs to be able to network seamlessly but with Windows; that means costly licenses and complicated setup just to get every computer to function in the way that is intended.

Ubuntu is a free Linux operating system which is highly recognized by millions of businesses, schools, government agencies, and fortune 500 companies.

It's also the most popular form of Linux for home users too and has given a common household name in Europe for it's robust security, elegant style, and fast speeds. People all over the world enjoy Ubuntu for everything. Even web design and professional photography.

Maybe your using Ubuntu now and you need a little help on getting started (this tutorial only applies to Ubuntu 10.10 and below - 11.04 isn't yet known provide this possibility in the same way)

1. Start by opening the Server program from the applications menu on Ubuntu; it should read "Connect to Server..."

2. Enter the IP address of the computer you want…

Some things you should consider

It's not a secret that a lot of the things we use can harm us in ways that can eventually kill us if we aren't using a safe alternative.
Take for example that Cancer is actually higher if the chemical Dioxin is released into our bloodstream and this is usually through cooking food in the microwave with plastic wrap covering or in plastic itself.
Here are three essentials to know about cooking your food properly and at the same time; lowering your risk of getting Cancer.
1. No plastic containers in microwave. Plastic containers and the like contain Dioxin which is known to be a severely poisonous toxin that is within plastic. It's known to cause Cancer.
2. No water bottle in freezer. Water bottles are made of plastic; plastic when frozen can expand into the water and release Dioxin into the frozen water; making the water contaminated and highly poisonous.
3. No plastic wrap in microwave. Plastic wrap; even in a fridge is not good because the temperature will expand the chemica…

Seems like everyone is dying of cancer

I can't help but wonder about it lately, it seems cancer is becoming even more prominent in my life both in my family and my friendships.
Not only did I find out that my grandpa (on my mom's side) got colon cancer recently but my friend Michael just lost his boyfriend to cancer this morning.
I feel horrible for him because I know how it feels to lose someone you love and for him, it's worse because he lost someone that he saw a future with. It's like how I felt when I lost my failed relationships in the past; it's like a piece of you goes on that you can't get back sometimes. I really hope and pray that things improve for him because I love my friends and I want the best for all of them.
Michael, stay strong bud. It's not easy but you've got a friend in me and I will be there in any way that I can be.
God, please help all of those out there with battling cancer and those who have lost loved ones to cancer.
I'll keep praying as much as I can because to…

No internet and very little 3G

So last night at my dad came in from work; our phone and internet was working well as usual when all of the sudden it cuts off after my dad tried to open his browser.

It's not just his computer though, it's also mine that can't get the connection which means either the box is messed up or they cut off our internet at random for some reason.

As of right now, I only have 3G and it's not much unfortunately but at least it's enough to post this post, send an e-mail, and post a status update on Facebook.

So I suppose it will do until it very rapidly disappears. Regardless, I was really looking forward to tonight because it would mean a certain wonderful friend would call me and I could have someone to relate to other than some imaginary people in my brain and my family.

Since we're basically in the stone ages today (with the exception of television), I am going to attempt to clean the house with what little bit of energy I have in me.

Here's to a clean house and…

A few reasons why Chromebook fails

Yes, it is rather sad for a pilot to write down these particular weak spots but I'm rather frustrated with the results of the latest beta build.

Some things you can't do (some are still broken) are:

-Voice and video chat with other Google Talk members through Gmail and Google Talk app

The whole point of having this app on here and Google Talk on Gmail is for us to have the ability to use our cameras and microphones; considering that I can do neither; this is the biggest flop so far.

-Ability to communicate with Skype users through IMO.IM

This isn't possible right now given the fact that the microphone doesn't work or the audio is way too low. The settings panel however displays no microphone and no camera (even after the Pepper flash plugin has been disabled)

This is another setback for many users because people will want to communicate on Skype as it is one of the biggest VoIP services available to date.

You are still unable to watch WMA, AVI files and HTML, JSON file…

Oh Teresa, you really know how to flip..

I couldn't help but laugh a little bit when I watched this because she looks crazy when she goes off and her mouth just keeps running or maybe it's the accent that really got me.

Finding forgiveness from a hamburger

I was reading an article on Joyce Meyer's website that explained how a hamburger taught her to always forgive. It might sound silly and a bit out there that you can learn something from a small incident with a hamburger but it is truly possible and it's these small moments that we overlook most that can teach us so much that we don't know.

To quote her; "You can't have real love unless you’re willing to forgive. Love keeps giving the other person another chance. Love keeps trusting them over and over again, expecting them to do the right thing the next time. I realize there are big hurts and also little things we deal with daily. Sometimes we may not even know what is agitating us, but we need to decide to let go of its irritating hold on us. "

I love that quote because it's not just true to my heart but it helps me to see clearer what I hadn't seen before on the basis of love and forgiveness too. I think that sometimes we forget that God was about fo…

I don't do this often but..

Today I felt like posting this video from one of my favorite preachers. She really delivered a message that I've been wondering about for a long time and I'm thankful that God has given her the ability to share this message. For years I've dealt with spiritual battle between right and wrong and what is and what isn't and for me to finally see this message being delivered in her sermon today; I am happy beyond words because I feel like this message was for me.

Even if you don't believe, I'd encourage you to see what this lady has to say. It's full of life and it really makes sense. Even if you don't want to, I would still encourage it because this message is good for all of us; not just Christians.

Here's the video:

Strange dream

I'm not sure what it means or where it comes from because one of the girls mentioned I didn't know and the other seemed like she was a ghost more than an actual person.

We were in a school, maybe even a college somewhere and some guy who didn't get a long with me because I'm gay started to try and fight me but I didn't want to fight; I kept saying to him, "all I want for you to do is to get back in the line with everyone else"
He wouldn't listen and kept trying to fight me; I was holding a pillow or something as a shield against his blows. While everyone else was staring in awe of the fact that he completely lost his mind.
Later on, I was inside of a rich and beautiful home with my friend Ashlee (whom I grew up with) and a girl I have never met named Isalena (I don't know this name nor do I recognize it)
She walked in on me grabbing some change for my lunch as Ashlee was in the bathroom reading a magazine. It was like a traditional bathroom except it …

Every time I hear it; I almost cry

So I was going through old voicemails and..

I didn't realize that it was a classy thing to call someone and do nothing but have me hear YOU having sex with someone.

Look, I don't know why people do what they do but that is not going to make me talk to you and it most certainly is the most vile and unattractive attribute for any guy to do. This was a voicemail from about 4 months ago but still; the factor that after listening closely and hearing "oh, yeah" and things like that is sickening to me because I would think you would have a LOT more class than to act like that on my voicemail.

First off, it's not necessary to put that stuff on my voicemail because your not going to get into my pants with that crap and it's not cute or 'sexy' to me.

Secondly, I want to speak with people who STILL have their morals and family values. NOT some hornball who can't keep his private life in tact. I don't want to listen to you having sex and nor would I want to have someone listen to my private time ei…

Why millionaires needs to grow up.

So Robin is a bubbly millionaire whom can't take her eyes off the bitter sweet evil tarts. She goes out on a date with a pure loser who is only out to get the goodies (and not the sexual kind either)
I may be poor but I know better than to use ANYONE for their money because not only would I not want that for myself but I won't do it because it's NOT RIGHT.
Anyway, look at this video and post your reaction in the comment section below.

A little rant

I hate going onto a blog and seeing a face that reminds me of my past; whether it be a relationship that didn't work or a venture I never was successful at. I always stumble when I see a photograph.

Recently I came across a post of some guy who resembled a beautiful rich kid (from my mindset it's what I pictured) and he looked like a typical Armani wearing blonde with pouty lips and a soulful look in his eyes. I instantly felt jealous. Maybe it's because secretly, I would love to be like that person I see. Always effortlessly gorgeous in whatever I wear, always looking like I'm some snazzy king with tons of friends and a high class boyfriend.

It's in my nature to want the finer life because I'm a Leo and almost every Leo I've met (excluding celebrities) always love the finer things in life. A friend of mine only likes to buy designer fragrances but still has a down-to-earth side and doesn't mind wearing a shirt from Walmart or Sears.

For me, I love to l…

My big fat Gypsy wedding

So I turned to the TLC channel tonight and started watching a very interesting show.
These people give up their traditional lives for a 'mobile' life on the road. I never knew though that a lot of Gypsies can be found in the UK and not just America.
I'm still misunderstood on the term and still confused as to what it really is but more power to them. I prefer the term; traveler however.
I used to think that the term Gypsy meant that the person was a seer of some sorts or part of some kind of India culture that I don't know about.
It also seems there are a lot of Irish ones too. I'm learning something new everyday about my heritage. I do love me Irish and English folks :)
Well, the show is on again. Time to observe my dears.
Ciao ciao.

Am I really getting crap about groceries?

It's no secret that our economy is lacking funds and savings for those of us who can't afford much.

All I was asking was to go and check on the deals at the store so I can find out if we can afford to get some meat or something that can actually last vs. petty sandwich food and pop tarts.
Look, I am 21 years old and I do get hungry. I'm not asking to spend $100 per visit or anything and I know we are tight on money but when you go shopping for groceries, you should think of what will last; not stuff that is considered more of a snack and won't fill the tummy.
For example (on terms of laundry soap), you didn't have to buy 6 small bottles of soap from the dollar store and spend $6 altogether; you would have been much better off on getting one bottle or one big bottle (costing $2.50) and stop at that.
So if you want to complain about ME and your stupid money; then so be it but I'm just trying to lookout for our last week or so before we go back home to visit.
I can&#…

Some conceptual clips [UPDATED]

Log-in toDropbox: Username: Password: bmikal

Dropbox (Click this link to access music files)
So some people have asked about my music. It's been a secret process but I've been playing around lately with some new VST plug-ins with my recording software (on the Windows computer) and it's become an addictive form.

I feel like some of the vocals on these songs are some of my better versions. I've been using a better microphone with these and I'm excited to share these small clips of some building block concepts for future arrangements. These are not meant to be judged or taken into a personal context. They are merely conceptual ideas that I believe will help me develop in the (hopefully near) future.

These clips are best heard on headphones but with "Loudness Equalization" you will be able to listen to them WITHOUT headphones if you desire.

On a side note, I've also been working on a webpage for technology posts. It's not too great but I&#…

Valerio; is that you?

Today I was watching CMT's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and thought I had seen a familiar face.

He spoke fluent english, had longer hair but the same color and looked identical to Valerio (a friend of my ex)

It might not have been him but still; it's nice to think that I actually saw him on TV :)

For the record; he looked great and seemed heartwarmingly nice. Something I pictured of this guy since I spoke to him some times ago.

If it wasn't him, at least it made my day to see a show I don't watch much anymore and see a face that resembles someone I've talked to before.

Ciao ciao.

Romance me

No, I don't want roses. I don't want chocolates, and most certainly not any jewelry.

For me, a great way to romance me is through sweets. Particularly one of my favorite lollipops (apparently no longer sold in the US) which originate from Spain.

Yes, I love my Chupa Chups. They are oh-so-delicious!

A nice big bouquet of Chupa Chups with a cute smile would lighten up my afternoon. Perhaps include a little kiss too?

Guess I am meant to visit Europe someday though considering my one favorite lollipop isn't here anymore. I must follow and snatch my lollipops up again!

Ciao ciao.

Sunburned and hating it

My shoulders hurt and have little bitty water blisters. Got burnt pretty bad.

I've never had this before but my nose is burnt so bad that my skin is peeling off DURING the sunburn versus after it. Hopefully I won't end up getting something like sun cancer.

Memorial weekend was fun at the beach but leaving the beach; I knew I was going to pay for it. I'm not too fond of it but I suppose it is common sense to know that if you play in the ocean water for too long; the sun will kiss your skin and then you go home feeling like you hung out in an oven all day.

Not really my favorite experience but it could of been worse. Either way, a little tip for everyone; if you want a tan. Get a spray tan instead. it's healthier considering and it won't hurt afterwards.

These days you can look natural with it too; so I say...go for it!

Ciao ciao.