The wiser I get, the fatter I get

I guess it's true, once you gain some pounds, you turn all jolly like some sort of saint or something.

I mean, I'm not humongous but I'm getting a tummy and I really don't like it. Then again, I haven't a need to impress someone because quite frankly I give a poop less who likes and doesn't like me. You either do or you don't and that is just the simple basis.

So I have to say, people change. Too much.

Every time I go to DG (Dollar General) which is a store we go to because of the bargains; the girl I once knew from school who works there acts rather cavalier in comparison to the days when I spoke to her in class.

I'm not sure if she's another one of those anti kinds or just plain lost.

It's hard when people change. You meet the great side of them and then; bam....they hit you with a complete opposite

Andrea was a sweet girl who didn't judge anybody and she talked with an upbeat spirit; now she's quiet and seems like a judgmental and sarcastic kind of gal. I don't like it.

Not to mention, half of my family is either anti-social or just plain anti-diversity and I don't like that either but I have to live with it because they're all I have left.

Is it bad to wish you were in another family or had a different life sometimes? I've been feeling that way for a long time now but I just haven't spoke up on it until now.

People will never understand me because I'm the one that changes more than they will; I'll grow up.......they never will

I'll be glad when Wednesday arrives. I will finally have a new toy to play with (my guitar) and then I can strum away all the b.s. I've had to put up with over the years.

Whether it's European or American; something has got to be different than what I've had. I need something refreshing and something inviting. Not a bunch of push aways and silencers.

Just doesn't work well for me.