Why I'll be single when I die

I'm weird. I act it, I look it, I just am.

It's not a bad thing but it's not a good thing either. I look at all these pretty faces and sexually driven bodies and think to myself; I wish I could make people admire my face like that.

I walk into a store and I rarely ever even get a look anymore. It's like I hardly exist sometimes and it's a bummer. I dream of being youthful again and having that air tight skin that was like porcelain with a shimmer of summer glow. I remember times when I was 12 and walked around with confidence because I had the prettiest tan in all of my neighborhood.

If only I had a tanning bed. That however; is another story.

Point being is, I won't find love because love isn't unconditional, it isn't free, and it doesn't admire people with flaws. Especially when there flaws are exposed for the world to see.



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