Why I believe men are different from women

It's a common fact that men lack the communication skills that women have which in most results will prove marriage an unfit disaster.

Men are complicated and so are women. The difference is the fact that each sex is different in their approach on mutual subjects. For example; love.

Men tend to want it but rarely stumble after it. Women want it but almost always try to stumble after it because it's one of the many motherly traits that are within women from birth.

It's true, women are born to be mothers. Men are born to be fathers but most lack that trait due to the lack of maturity and inconsistency within their measures.

I know, I'm a guy and I'm putting my own gender down but really, even in my experience. I can validate that sometimes, women really are smarter.

Women account for raising a child usually because fathers are the ones whom seek authority of the household and work to take care of their family. Women are the cleaning ladies, the laundry folders, and the compassionate ones that children speak to often times because of their immediate place of understanding (though this perspective isn't always the same)

Still I digress. What is your perspective on the diversity between sexes? Are women really from Venus and are men really from Mars?