This one's a short one

So I was on Facebook today and I looked at a fellow musical friend of mine. He lives in Florida but little did I know that there is a city in Florida named Brandon.

Turns out I'm so cool that Florida named a city after me. I feel loved :)

Hopefully I can go to Old Navy today and look into some sales. I don't get out much but clothing is something I would love to get out for. Did I mention I'm addicted to beanies and hoodies?

It's just a truth that anyone who knows me would have to live with. Yeah, I like to be covered because my body is a temple or so I've been told all these years although, if a temple is made to withstand cuts; I have yet to have been a good temple because I've had a lot of cuts and bruises in my days.

I still remember a few times as a kid, bicycling down the road and gashing up my knee because I wanted to be cool and try to do the "no hands" trick.....didn't turn out so brilliantly as I expected

Though, I digressed.


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