So we got a plasma

42" plasma sitting on a table, broadcasting. I have to say, it's nice but it hasn't completely sunk in yet. Though it is a rent-to-own so we could lose it at anytime due to bills too; might as well enjoy it while I still have the chance.

So at the moment, I'm washing the last load of laundry for myself. I've washed probably 2-3 loads today. I almost never do that but hey, time to stock up on the smelly goodness of fabric softner and detergent.

It's really great to finally have the opportunity to have clean clothes. I didn't get to do laundry as much as I wanted before because we couldn't always afford the stupid laundry mat. This is the best change we've had lately and I'm completely upbeat from it.

I've been thinking lately about a couple things. I really can't wait to get out on my own, I want some freedom that I can't have sometimes at home.

I really feel in my heart that it would be good for me to be like a bird and flee from my flock. It's just closer and closer to that time when I've just got let go.

Hopefully the homophobic drama will leave too. I'm getting sick of my past daunting me almost every time I start to feel good again.

Guess in life, you just have this inevitable drama that never ends. If it does; you've found peace.