So OBL is dead

But I still find it fishy how they dumped his body in the ocean; couldn't they have done something like electrocuted him or something more "government" like? 

I don't know if I trust his death as stating our country is supposed to be at ease more; Al Qaida is still at large and they will probably try to do something dumb over his death because thats how almost all cults are. 

I'm happy that he is dead though. He murdered so many of our people and not really just our people; he murdered European people and several of the other kind of people which were in those planes and NY during those terrible hours. So really; this should be not just a victory for America but for everyone else as well because this evil man murdered so many types of people and even small children. 

I know that we are to forgive but I can see how it is hard to forgive murderers now after witnessing such a horrible act of terror on our country back in 2001. I have forgiven but I have never forgotten. 

I'd like to say to the military out there that helped defeat the evils against our people; Thank you for standing tall and fighting out there when you didn't have to. It's your love for your people that has shown how beautiful our country really is. I'm honored now to live in a town with people that are going to work everyday to fight for MY freedoms. 

You guys are truly blessings for us. I also should add too that it is rather nice to see European soldiers popping up here. Hopefully I will meet one of you sometime and have a delightful conversation over tea?

So, I'm going to go off topic for now...we went to Walmart today and me and Brenda melted over how much we long to have a pet, and as I was looking at the pictures of kittens and cute puppies all over the pet foods and toys I thought to myself that instead of adopting a child someday, I think it would be fun to raise a kitten as if it were a child. Feed it, nurse it, and really get an idea of what being a parent is all about. 

Parenting is a beautiful thing and I wish that so many of those out there who abuse it could see how blessed they are to have their children. They really get to hold the future in their hands. 

If I had a kitten, I would name her Arabella because the name means "beautiful" and my cat would be beautiful to me :)

Though if it were a boy, I would probably name him Pete; no relation with it really...I just think Pete is a cute name for a tomcat. 

Well, it's time to go think in terms of redeeming this Redbox code for a free movie rental; any ideas on what to rent anyone? 


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