So the clock tumbles

Last night, I gave in a bit. Something I didn't want to do but it raised questions of a few things. So today, I'll be chatting over the phone with my friend George from VA about it all; he seems to know a bit more than I do but he was always the wiser friend of the bunch.

Recently I've been thinking about musical work and what I want to accomplish within the field. I decided I want to go back to my roots, to when I was a kid and the sweet smell of honeysuckles and roses traveled the air outside my house. Even though now; that childhood home is gone due to the Randleman River Dam that was built there which is unbelievably huge; you never would have believed that we used to live there.

My roots are important because they bring me to a time in life I for so long regretted and went against. I didn't feel it necessary to really take count what I was doing to myself all the times that I couldn't admit to things I should of done differently. Nonetheless, it's a new day!

I grew up on country, classic rock, and soft rock, 80s, and a slight touch of pop music. I've lately found a stronger love for country and acoustic music that I had lacked before.

Listening to it lately, I know why I love it so much. It's because country and acoustic music is relatively; FEARLESS.

No one is ashamed to admit that they belief in God when everyone else thinks you should keep your mouth shut about it. No one is ashamed to admit that they are not perfect and it's not a bunch of crappy tunes with vocals of women and men degrading themselves and talking about nailing the next happy camper to walk by them. It's raw, it's real, and it's emotional.

Which is why I am going to dig deeper into it. I know I can truly learn something from it and I can embrace the fact that I have hope to change into a better person than that of before.

I may lose friends due to their lack of a belief system but it won't be something I will judge on them nor take personally because I know that we are all different and we all make choices in our lives that sometimes others just don't understand.

If anything though, I know that with understanding comes the next step in your journey; the step of letting go.