Secular spectacular

So yesterday me and Brenda were discussing different religions and how many of them steal from other beliefs.

I didn't know that our beloved "ying yang" charms and such were actually promotion for Confucius. Sorry but that killed my ever wearing one of those again, I mean if I don't believe in it, why would I want to promote it?

Did you know that in the Islamic religion; Jesus is mentioned but only as a prophet? See, Jesus for us was the important one, the one who came to save us. For them, they looked to Mohamed as their Saviour but they don't believe in salvation, so it's not really a Saviour but more of the important person for them.

I thought that was pretty interesting. No other religion mentions Jesus except for them.

I'm not going on a religious rant or anything and if you decide to feel ugly towards me for stating a little bitty piece of conversation I had on this topic; you should go read some books or something because I really have nothing to say to that.

Either way, I'm learning a lot these days. With school starting up soon, I think it might just help a little bit for me to know a few of these things.


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