Only in the South

I never meant to expose this or talk about it because it's quite personal but screw it, I need to vent on it for a bit.

My sister Jamie is married to a sicko. 

I've been holding this in for awhile but he has tried to lure me into having sexual relations with him. He sends me letters on Facebook from time to time and all they say is "I love you" and nothing other.

I don't know what to do other than to shut off that part of my life with my sister because her husband is apparently gone perverted and I can't tell her.

What do you do when your in situations like this? How do you take it on face value that your sisters husband is a sicko?

He tried this shit with my sister Stephanie when I was younger, claiming that she was hitting on him (my sister would never do that and she has WAY better taste)

I love my sister Jamie but I don't want to walk back into dealing with that. I don't deserve to deal with that stuff and I won't do it.

I feel so alone in this situation and I can't talk about it with anyone; no one would understand it or be able to actually help. So I guess I have to try and give it to God.

The hard part is giving it to him. 

I know I have to tell her why I won't answer her calls eventually; I just don't know how to tell her without breaking her away from me.

Here's to a hopeful outcome soon; ciao ciao.