A new approach to myself

Today I took my placement test and I did shockingly very well. My reading score was higher than the highest available score. The highest available score is 9.9 and my score is above that. Who knew; I'm a fantastic reader!

I've learned the following things and my teachers were very very impressed with my skills.

I'm very detail oriented, organized, and enthusiastic. Which means that given those traits I would be great in a LOT of high paying fields; such as business, marketing, book keeping, and so many others.

I am mostly a visual learner but I also learn both through audio and hand-on tasks.

So far, my GED takeout class again will be on June 22 from 3-5pm and my last GED takeout class will be on July 26th.

My advisor who sat down with me was a sweetheart and helped me understand it better than I thought I would. He is also gay so I felt a sense of comfort today knowing that I wasn't being judged by other peers and he has beautiful blue eyes which I'm definitely wishing I had. It was like looking into an angel's eyes or something. I'll get contacts for that ;)

All the other teachers were very kind and very thoughtful. They helped me with my questions that I wanted to have answered and were impressed by my enthusiasm as well as my strong work ethic in class.

I got a ton of pamplets on how to study, how to overcome test anxiety, and I visited the Career center today which actually has job postings available from ESC out in town and so I'll be checking on those later this week but both my teacher Ms. Higgins and I agree; without the GED, I won't get a job fairly easy but still, the fact that there is a place to start and they help you find your career path is nice to know. I'll be there a lot more I believe.

Today was a good day overall :)

Ciao ciao.


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