I've asked about her quite a few times and the one thing my dad always says is that she loved me more than any mom could. I was her precious one. I always came first and she always gave me a spoonful of coffee creamer every morning as she stood by the coffee maker making herself a morning cup of coffee. Perhaps this explains why I love coffee so much. 

My dad isn't much of a coffee guy but my mom LOVED her coffee and so I am destined to have a coffee machine in my house someday.

She was a very beautiful lady. She loved to read, knit, cook, and upbeat music. She also sang really well which is the definitive connection between us. I got her musical gifts. My dad however cannot sing and thus my gift is not associated with him. I know that he knows that my mom lives on through me. It's that way with every child usually or sometimes the father lives on through them. 

We are either one or the other; it's just how DNA works.

I miss her sometimes, I wonder what conversations I would have had with her had she stayed on this Earth. I found out one thing I didn't know about her death that was a little bit shocking. 

My sister Jamie told me that she knew her death was coming a month or so before she passed. She was really sick and getting worse. Why my dad never told me about that part is beyond me but as a father; he was simply protecting me from falling apart upon it.

This Mother's day won't be just about remembering her but celebrating her as well. She was a wonderful woman and a great mother. I know that if she was still here, she would love me just as much as she did when I was a little bitty kid.

For now, I leave a memento of her upon this post. A picture I cherish because she smiled with a glow. She was a truly blessed woman and I know she's with God today, rejoicing in his name and happily free. 

Beverly Jean Whaley 
(January 5, 1956 - December 2, 1993)