Look like a European fashionista

So today, I spent the last bit of my money on the best dang jacket I've ever found. It's from Cambodia but looks like a french fashion jacket. It's black and tampered to make your body look like a toned beauty. For me at least.

I love it and it will go great with my cute artsy tank I found today. I'll be looking like a European lover. Well maybe not lover but I will look a little bit Euro.

It's nice to have found it though, it's got flare that no other hoodie has around here. It makes me look like I'm actually not chubby. Then again, who do I got to look good for?

So I've decided that when I have big money in my pockets; I will be going clothes shopping at the wonderful thrift store. Every store has it's perks and it always has ONE spot that has the best clothes. Hopefully none of you clothing addicts are reading this but; I've claimed my domain in that store. Jackets and hoodies are all mine! Yes, I am not letting another person take my favorite spot.

Okay so maybe I'm a little crazy but really, clothes are like candy for me. I see them and automatically I want to wear them out of the store. I mean really; a jacket that looks like something out of Paris' fashion week for only $4.59?? You can't beat that!

Well, time to go play! Ciao ciao cute ones.