If I were British

Sometimes I wonder if I had been a British kid; would I have turned out more proper and full of etiquette?

Though a lot of English men and women today aren't as classy as say those before them; I'd like to think that if I had been a British kid, I would have had a little proper mannerism still.

I'm not saying I'm horrible and that I am the rudest and foulest person on the planet but I do see on occasion, where I need to improve. Mannerisms are important because they will in the end show people how you look at yourself in a sense.

Maybe this is a reason why I admired the boy in leather for so long; he knows who he is. He spoke like a classy gentlemen, so full of peace and polite gestures.

I know that even if we are not raised rich in funds, we should be raised rich in personality because our personalities will always reveal ourselves to people.

On a side note; celibacy has never felt so great. It's true, you really find out more and gain more knowledge when you don't "give it all away".

Well, it's time to go remember my mother for the day. I think I will day dream of her and perhaps have a dream conversation with her or maybe later; sing something she liked to sing.

Happy mum's day everyone :) Go show your mother's how proud they should be!


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