From before


The above link is to a poem that my beautiful ex wrote some time ago about me. It touches me because I had no idea just how much love I had from him. I admit that I had doubted it after the fact but now I can see that his love was mutual with mine and that it was a deeper love than I initially had thought.

Happiness is key to life they say but I say that it's just a part of it. I'm just thankful that I've been blessed to still have something good with him. We've been through a lot and witnessed a lot as well but one thing we have shown each other is the ability to overcome obstacles and to build on good endings or perhaps new beginnings.

It was nice to have what I had and now that I have a new slate to rebirth something that is far more powerful (friendship) I am taking it as a blessing from God that I get to go through it.

We could have easily never spoke again AT ALL probably (well maybe not easily) but still; yet a beautiful revival came to be and behold it was the birth of a great friendship that I never had.

In honest words, we both knew when we first spoke to each other that we were going to be around each other for a long time, the question was, what for?

I don't regret anything and I'm glad that we both stand where we are now. It was all for the best and God knew that for me.

Well, time for me to watch a bunch of stories on TV about crazy women killing people for money and junk. I find it sad that money has that much power for people. Like I've always said, it's just paper and ink.....not the fountain of youth people!

Ciao ciao.


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