Dutch independence (the original post for "Netherlands")

I never knew that the Dutch anthem was indeed the oldest anthem of the world. It was written over 436 years ago in 1574 but wasn't adopted until 1932.

This fascinates me. I also didn't know that the Dutch sought out independence from the Spanish. The song itself is rather remarkable because of it's first person persona and the peaceful ensemble. 

I think about our anthem and what it means to me and then when I think of this one; I'm amazed at how long it has been around. I wonder how people in 1574 spoke. Perhaps they were like Edgar Allan Poe or even like Leonardo Da Vinci.

Regardless, It's an anthem that has a nice historical background. Het Wilhelmus translates to "The William" and the song was written as if William of Orange were singing it to the Spanish in the Dutch Revolt. 

One other fascinating tidbit is the fact that the Japanese anthem has the oldest lyrics. The Japanese anthem was written in the 9th century. Truly amazing how long songs can last. Decades beyond their expiration (which is bound not to happen of course).

Now I feel like reading some history books. Does that make me geeky? 

On a side note; I get my guitar on Wednesday (or so Paypal is stating) and I can't wait to fool around with it to see if I even have any natural strumming skills. Hopefully I do. 

I was in Walmart earlier today and saw a guy whom resembled my ex (now friend) and it was rather odd. He really looked similar to him but it was as if it was him in some other person's body. I don't know how to explain it but it was interesting at least and made for a positive evening for me. At least in comparison to the rest of the shebang that I've had this week.

I found out today that Switchfoot STILL relaxes me when I'm stressed or upset. I guess Christian rock is just the thing to go with sometimes but if you believe like I do; you already know that it's great for you. 

One of my favorites from the Best Of album is their song "Learning to Breathe" because I feel (in a sense) that I'm learning to breathe and that I'm no longer relying on myself per say but on the man upstairs; God.

I have to say though that I slipped today for a moment, I got fed up with my step brother and it was rather tragic to feel so angry but I was letting out some of that feeling for once. I may have cussed like a sailor but I at least retracted myself after some time and calmed myself enough to know that it's not worth it.

I shouldn't feel sorry or bad for someone who treats me as an underdog and clearly doesn't understand the hell I've been through in my life so far and I don't accept his hate of gay people either. I know I have mommy issues because in 1st grade; I broke out in tears in the middle of math class. It's was odd but I couldn't help it.

When I was little I used to be scared of the dark and want my dad to assure me that I was safe because I needed that mother figure to tuck me in at night; I just didn't have it for awhile.

I used to cry and throw a fit when my dad would leave for work. It wasn't easy being motherless. I craved her existence. I needed her around more than anyone.

My sister was like my mother for years. She did her best to be three things: Mother, Sister, and Friend. All of which she ended up mastering really well. Which makes her the best darn mom her kids will ever have. 

Speaking of which, I heard the other day from my dad that Kyzer handed Steff an unused diaper and told her that the baby stinked. I can't remember what he called the baby but I think it's "bubba" or something. Regardless, I thought that was the cutest thing I have heard lately. 

I really miss my family a lot and I would love to go visit them soon. Hopefully me and my dad will in the next month or so. I believe June is the month that we're planning to take the trip to see them. I'll finally get to see how big Kyzer has gotten. Malick too :)

Well, it's time for bed and perhaps a movie. Speaking of which (before I get off of here) I finally saw the Jim Carrey film; "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" the other day. I loved it. It was quirky and indie like and weird all in the same note that it was beautiful and poetic. 

I really love movies that show the realism of relationships and love. All these "sappy romances" get on my nerves because none of it depicts what real life is actually like. It's not always kisses and hugs at the end of the walk. Sometimes you go different places or you meet other people and so on. 

But, I'm going to go now before I start writing about politics or something else that will consume this post. Hope everyone has a fantastic and blessed week/weekend ahead. 

PS: Every time you eat a "Zero" bar; think of me because it's one of my favorite candy bars. It's so flipping delicious!