The demon in Dylan

Not only does he whine and complain so much but he has no care for anyone, not even people in Joplin, Missouri whom was wiped out by an F5 tornado recently.

To quote him, "Why do you even care so much?" and "That looks cool; awesome, wish I was there"

Then rambling on to say "Who gives a sh**?"

It's sad that you have such a loss of emotional understanding that you would even go as far and as cruel to state things like that especially when it deals with people who have lost so much including lives.

What would you have done had it been 9/11 all over again; laughed and said "That looks cool?" and left the rest of us in shock of how you could think something so evil.

I've lost respect for you after this. I've dealt with your crap a lot but this just takes the cake. It's hard to respect someone who can't even manage one speck of care for others; not even his own mother.

I'll be praying for you kid. You really really need it.


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