Dang that's a lot of people

So for mother's day we took Brenda out to Golden Corral and boy was it crowded. You could barely sit down without someone breathing on you.

I wore my favorite sunglasses which might explain why so many attractive men kept looking at me or maybe they were straight and wondering "why is that dude wearing sunglasses"

Thought of my ex today because Brenda delightfully taught me the rules of etiquette at the dinner table. I didn't know that rich people had a certain way of using silverware and placing them on the table. The raspberry tea was delicious though and I drank almost two full glasses of it before we left.

There was some teenage guy (he was a looker) who would not stop staring at me. It made me feel a little awkward; I mean I don't really care for people staring at me to start with but when it's a teenager; it starts to get a little odd.

Nonetheless, people were nice today for the most part. A lot of people everywhere though. I had to get the nacho cheese from the taco bar rather than beside the fried chicken like I normally do. The best part of my meal bar none was the strawberries. I love strawberries. Chocolate covered ones especially :)

So this is a very random post but I couldn't think of much else to really say other than the fact that today was a pretty okay day and I feel somewhat attractive again after pretty people were looking at me a lot. Then again, I'm not really looking for anything, so it doesn't matter but it's the thought that counts.

I found out my friend Nancy works at the local Subway down the street from us. It was really nice to see her the other day and I've missed her company. We're hopefully planning to hangout on Tuesday since it's her day off after 3pm but who knows; depends on weather and so many other things too really.

The only thing that didn't really pan out well today was the factor of my favorite beanie. I placed it on the toilet paper above the stool in the bathroom while I was shaving earlier today and forgot I left it there; it came crashing down into the toilet after Dylan accidently knocked it down.

Luckily; it didn't fall into nasty water (already flushed) but no way in all the blue sky was I about to dry it and wear it as is. I found a black beanie in my dad's room and took to it like glue.

Either way, I won't lie about one thing, I find myself still attracted to people and longing for that "relationship" I will never have but at least now, it's easier to accept that I don't really need it than it used to be. I believe the best solution is to deny it and keep living the single life. I can't have my cake and eat it too (unless it's real cake)

Well, time for this little bird to fly off into sleepy land. Hope everyone had a great mother's day! Remember; your mother is a blessing because without her....you would have ended up like I did...doing very bad things at a young age

Ciao ciao everybody