Coupon starter tips

Recently I went to the "Extreme Couponing" Facebook page. I am new to the couponing lifestyle and found myself with questions and so I asked them how to start couponing like you would on the show (which is hosted on TLC) and I got the following tips from

1. Collect coupon inserts (Ask friends and family for their coupons as well)

2. Pick a few blogs to follow (many blogs offer coupons and exclusive deals that can be hard to find; you can also socialize with many users of the blog and find out where the deals are in your area)

3. Print out coupons (color ones are normally the only ones accepted - see your stores coupon policy for details on this and if it isn't included; call and ask)

4. Sign up for samples (often times sample sites include high value coupons too)

5. Read blogs and use their "scenarios" for a shopping trip.

Note: you can also follow forums and talk with other couponers in your area to get started or to learn more about how to calculate your overall price on groceries and such.

I'm a newbie, so please don't ask me. I'll just tell you to read this blog or search on Google for coupons and how to start couponing.

It's a great thing to learn about this and it's a wonderful experience when you are starting out. Tonight I organized our coupons and categorized them. I also made an expiration book which will list every coupon item as well as the date that they expire.

Eventually I will start digitally inputting all this information but tonight I wanted to start on the hard copies of everything to ensure that I won't be lost later when inputting them into Google Docs.

Pray for me that I'll reap the savings! Couponing is something I'm really going to try and take seriously because in our economy and in my family especially; saving money is the BEST option possible for us.

Ciao ciao.