Blah de dah

I was walking through and all of the sudden a young marine (beside his ugly wife and two little girls) blurts out "FAG" in a soft but loud monotone voice.

I was wearing black, all black and my favorite glasses. I was quiet and shopping for a few tidbits with my dad.

This was yesterday.

First off, if you have to belittle me to feel good in front of your wife; your a sad sad pathetic man who needs a reality check.

Secondly; just because I am myself and you can't come out of your stupid little closet doesn't mean you have to go around hating on me just because I am wearing whatever I feel like and not what some forced government is paying me to wear.

Thirdly; We're not supposed to judge each other but yet you do because your a foolish man who doesn't know that God told you how to act decades before you were even thought of.

Fourthly; I don't care if you think that I'm a "FAG" because I know that I am whomever I want to be and for you to think for me would be conforming to what EVERYONE ELSE wants and not for myself. I won't do it.

To anyone who has a problem with my looks or how I talk or how I dress or ANYTHING..........get a perogative and leave mine alone because my life doesn't revolve around you

I may have lost more than most of you people out there and even part of myself but at least I'm honest about who I am. Can you say that same for yourself or are you too busy judging the rest of the world to make up for the crap your unable to admit to yourself?



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