And so the cookie crumbles

Understandably, I didn't get to hang out with Adriana yesterday but it was Memorial day and so I figured that she wouldn't be free really considering.

Still it bums me out that I have a friend who lives near me and yet I can't hang out with her. I will have to keep trying to make time and see if we can somehow meet when we are both able to.

Either way, I woke up today and it is super hot outside. I mean it's so hot that our air is barely keeping up. I can feel the heat coming in through my window as if my window is open.

I don't like it.

So I'm going to take a look at the bulletin board at the career center when I get back (if I have time) and I'll hopefully find a temp job until after my GED is obtained; then I can hopefully score an even better one. That is; if I even get a job but I'm still hopeful that I can get one even after all the failed times from before.

Well, this is short but it's time for me to get ready for a shower, and do something about these eyebrows.

Ciao ciao.


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