A personal entry

As I look up at the night sky with it's full moon glistening in a four way interval, I think of the time I've got left on this Earth as a gift, a special moment in time itself that is more precious than any other subject or objective that is brought forth in life.

I've always been a religiously connected person (mainly I think it's from my Cherokee side in me and my family) but I've always rebelled against it because of who I am and how so many dismantle that with what I truly believe to be the only way to truly live when your on this planet; trying and fighting to feel or see something you haven't before.

Love is something I've rebelled against for fear I would be left alone; the thing I haven't understood and I'm slowly learning in my years of getting older that love isn't from a person; it's from a being. It's from a connection that we have at birth that no one can tap into unless they truly let there heart blossom and open their eyes to what is in front of them. I still have a long time to go before I feel I'll be ready to accept that love is an entity and it isn't a person or an animal or anything that is temporary. It really is forever.

God is someone who embodies that love and only those who believe in it will truly understand that the love he has; never dies. It never leaves you behind like a person can.

His love is unconditional because his love is universal. I feel sorry for those who will never see it or even remotely feel in their heart that love is more than just a person saying "I love you"....it's something bigger than we can ever imagine or create.

Now look; I'm not trying to get religious on you guys because I'll be honest...I believe in God but I haven't actually been following the way I should have perhaps. This doesn't mean that I'm not a faithful person; it just means that I need time to figure where I stand with God before I take that step in my life.

I'm not one to judge based on religious views or even what a person thinks of my views. I can find every walk of life beautiful in it's own way because I look at the person before me; not what they are doing in their life. Their life is a choice for them to deliver upon. I am merely a human being on this Earth that feels he was placed to sing and spread the words of great people and history through this talent I've been gifted with.

I thought that I would cry and feel sad or below after my breakup (closure more of) but it turns out; it was a final queue to open my eyes and really look at life from a deeper perspective. It's been a great path while it lasted but my heart is waking up from its sleep and it screams to explore life; to live for something that no one else wants to live for; to feel things I haven't felt before.

While I'll be honest that I'm not a completely positive person due to my rebellious ways for so many years; I'm finally willing to try and give it a chance to truly embody me and help me to transform into the person I feel I need to be in order to have a great life.

I hope that whoever reads this knows that they are beautiful; they are truly beautiful because they are who they should be in their lives. Every life is different and while we may not understand it; it's this life that we have that connects us to everything else we will have thereafter.


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