It hurts like hell but it's for the best

I deleted an entire folder I had dedicated to my ex. It's clear now just how low things have got. He won't answer my emails but yet I was added as a contact on Flickr; I have no clue why since he can't manage to budge any words towards me. Marvel at him perhaps? I think I'll pass until I know where I stand.

It really hurts when someone you had a lot of faith in disappears and starts to act like they're snobby. It's like you no longer are convenient for them anymore so they move on to the next piece of shit thats walking around them.

Not that I'm calling myself a piece of shit but I felt like it for so long because of his silence. Today marks a day to let go of the past; the things that hurt me most. It's time to move on and feel happier with life again.

I don't know how I'll do it and I'm not sure if I'll get through it like I expect to but I have to try for once. I can't live life in regret and in false hopes that will never be reborn again.

I'm only hurting myself by allowing myself to stay addicted to this behavior. It's unfair and if a man can't speak; you shouldn't be around anymore.

The only thing I have left is God, music, blogging, and school. I don't have any friends unless they're online and that doesn't count in my opinion. I mean they are friends but it's not the same as having a real one (in person).

Here's to recovering a broken heart!


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