Decorating with Vogue

Are you one of those people who get's a subscription to a popular magazine in the mail that you didn't subscribe to? I was.

Vogue was sending me 12 issues over a span of a few months. With all of those magazines lying around; they needed to be used for something other than sniffing the hell out of the yummy designer perfumes that I can only DREAM of wearing.

So I decided that since I am letting my wild pink roses dry and my rose petals dry as well; I would decorate my room. I needed a little color if you will and my walls have a LOT more life now. The storm was an added relaxing bonus to the job.

The first impression of opening up a vogue magazine is the impressive art that is all over the covers. It's like an art dream. Something only an artist could truly decode.

I chose two beautiful art pieces from a vogue magazine with was given in December, one very romantic couple photo, a dog licking a rainbow lollipop (cutest thing ever) and a fashionista for the designer brand "Fendi" which I am starting to become interested in as we blog here.

I've got an old framed novelty of the Osbournes, when they ran there popular show over MTV. It read "#&@# my family! I'm movin' in with...the Osbourne family"

A great addition I must say; really brings my bitchy side out again and I LOVE it!

My mother's photo rests beside my light switch; a reminder of who I am from and how my talent was given to me. My mother was a very talented woman; beautiful; and really kind from what my father has told for the past few years now. She loved to bake, loved upbeat music on the radio (including Madonna) and she loved me very much. She would spend almost all her time taking care of me; changing my diapers, feeding me a spoonful of coffee creamer whenever I walked up to her in the kitchen every morning. She was a truly amazing woman and I can't wait to meet her someday. I wonder what she's doing in Heaven right now....hmm

I know; I know, I got a little offtrack here but I can't help myself, today was a pretty great day after all and I have to thank God that we got a storm, I found inspiration from a movie to start writing and to start being more positive and already; I feel like this year will start getting better soon.

Starting school will be a big experience because it will be my FIRST time ever attending school from home. I usually attend college on campus if I can because I enjoy the people and the available help as well but I took the online choice mainly for my parents. They run a tight schedule with taking Dylan to his card tournaments, my dad goes to work all week, and my step mother is busy writing articles and figuring out how to make ends meet every day. LOTS going down!

I've been thinking recently about possibly trying not just cosmetology but perhaps a class in green living (not sure what they would call it; I think it's botany class or something like that) and I believe it could help me start my path to building my dream home; having no bills; and learning how to help protect the environment. Something my dear step mother adores and has passed on to me as an idea towards my future.

I enjoy music a lot and all but in reality; till I get a break..It won't help me survive and so I am gearing up for a very busy year with a LOT of things to look forward to.

Not only am I going to start school and hopefully my music career but I plan to work closely with a charity. I won't say which one because it will spoil the surprise but let's just say...a lot of young people will gain the help they deserve to have

I want to be a candid voice in their lives.

So far, I am working with a pretty nifty producer. Jari Witvoet. He's a very sweet guy with a great future ahead of him and I'm excited to be working with someone who is so young but so full of talent!

Talent can be found in every person. My talent is singing. His is creating kick ass beats. I think it will work well together in the long run.

I've set up a deadline for my single release. I will be releasing it on 1.5.2012 around night time.

It's a deadline I've waited to put down because I've tried to think of how to put my music in focus underneath all the work I will be putting in with school and my future as a whole.

Jari Witvoet will be not only the producer for the single but he is also the co-producer of my debut album which will hopefully be released with the next two years. I know; two years is a lot of time to wait and people are agitated to wait longer but I promise; I will deliver. I want to put my heart and soul into these projects and really give my audience something to talk about.

Well, I will close the awfully long post for now but till next time my dear bloggers; ciao ciao


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