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Sleepless nights

Sign of the times

The new Google Bar

Can't hold us down


Double the fun



Today is one of those days

Oh poor little virgo


Since when does this happen?

Fun times

An album all about me

And so I cave in

If Jenny can do it; so can I


A clean house


Pretty woman

In the 90s and today

Virgin Mobile fail

My current addiction

Roseanne said it best

A change would do you good

To the next guy that "falls" in love with me

Cleaning house

Sip a coffee, close your eyes, and listen to some Sheryl Crow

Some of you out there feel this way

Free international texting with Pinger


I did it

The world will end soon

Sometimes, it's all in the groove

Too late (song)

Postcards and road signs


The history of Halloween

The 60s, Janis, and a life unknown

Well this would be a bitch

Home coming

Blog changes

Child inside

Generation lost

One song to describe what I'm feeling as of lately

Blog is finally pubic again

There goes mister "I love you", again


My favorite song and live performance of "It's No Good"

Going Out On My Own (Raw)

Auto tune Demonstration - Vertigo

Pandora users

My first Android device

Chrome sounds

Job hunting: Day 3

Go mobile: 3G sites for everyone

Beat the pot of resolve

Job hunting: Day 2

Fix You (Coldplay Cover)

Job hunting: Day 1

Time Out From The World (Goldfrapp Cover)

Chrome OS now has .zip and .rar support

New Amsterdam

British shows

A new show on Hulu

Nosy family and school meets


Ditch fit

It makes you feel like sex

Every Little Thought: Volume One

Feel my out of tune

The demise of MySpace

Heart (Lyrics)

There is a reason for my behavior

An instrumental I made from loops

The best shoes I've ever bought

Goldfrapp+Madonna inspired

For the auto trash

My all time favorite 80s song

For the inner weirdo

Hipster says yes

Vanessa Carlton

Blog changes (UPDATED)

Want to learn about Chromebook and Chrome OS?

It's official, I'm 22